Ice Road Painting

After moving up North, it’s been a while since going to an actual painting event.  With being here in Gaylord, MI for the next month, I ran across a painting event at a wine shop called The Rusty Pelican.  If you ever are in the Gaylord, MI area, and are a fan of wine (or not), it’s worth stopping in.  The owners are very nice and there are several wines for you to choose from to taste.

When moving to a new area, sometimes you have to search for local events.  One day I was browsing The Rusty Pelican’s Facebook page and saw that they host painting classes once a month!  The moment I saw the next painting class, I immediately signed up to register.  For $35, you get a wine tasting, and a glass of wine… as well as all the painting supplies.

After selecting the glass of wine, upstairs I went and the class started.


Next, we started our background of the sky and mountains.

This is a type of painting I’ve never done before… especially with so few colors!

With picking up a few new techniques, this was a lot of fun.. especially when it was suggested to turn the painting upside down. to paint the trees.


In the end… the painting did not turn out how I had hoped – however, it was still a fun time.  Eventually I will re-do the painting to where this is all fixed and looks a bit better…



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