Butterflies in a Sketchbook

I have done this painting once before, but on canvas.  As you paint more and more on canvases when starting out, that can get a bit expensive!  I decided to get a sketchbook for acrylic painting would be better… especially since I can bring my portfolio with me.

Painting on canvas is definitely preferred, but since I’m going through trial/errors with all of these paintings, I’ll make do in the sketchbook for now. 🙂

First came outlining the butterflies.  In the book it explains how to create stencils and then use those… I went the free-hand route.


Next came the fun part… painting those awesome butterflies!

Painting the background came next and then outlining the butterflies.

There seems to be always that one area, or in this case, butterfly, that has a total mess-up.  The orange one is the one I am referring to – can you spot it?

The final product… I’m quite happy with.  One of these days I do plan to create my own stencils… that way paintings can be a bit more consistent, and still feel as if I did it on my own with using your own stencils and not a store bought one.


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