First Jack-o’-Lantern Painting

I hope everyone has had a great week! It was a busy one for me with having to travel to Atlanta for work on Monday, so last Sunday I didn’t want to do anything but stay at home. I had been wanting to paint a pumpkin, or some type of Fall painting, so I used Bing to find some type of tutorial. Here is the video I ended up watching on how to paint a pumpkin:

While watching the video, two familiar paints were shown and I thought to myself, those are the types I just bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics online!  Then I noticed the difference – the ones in the video said ‘Acrylic Paint’ on the label… mine said ‘Enamel’… I obviously did not pay attention when purchasing those paints!  If you paint, where do you purchase them?

After several practices, I ended up with this… writing Happy Halloween turned out a lot better than what I had thought, especially since I had used a flat brush to write the letters.  As with anything… it all takes practice and I won’t give up. 🙂

I am still trying to decide whether to keep this one or just paint over it… if anyone has any thoughts feel free to share!

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