Mini Monet’s Bridge Painting

A few weeks ago I painted a larger Monet’s Bridge painting found in the book I’ve been using to help get me to that expert artist level.  Last night, I decided to do a mini version and make it different enough to where I can list it on eBay to sell.

I used an 8×10 canvas this time and a flat brush to do all of the painting on this one.

Since I had the yellowish background already done, the flat brush was used to paint in the darker green color.  I then used a brighter green instead of the one shown in the book.

As my boyfriend had the ribs on the grill, he tapped me on the shoulder and had me look up from the trance I was in with painting… even with music playing and me painting, it was pretty awesome to see the deer by the apple and pear trees. 🙂  There were 3, but the only good picture I could get is when they started running away.


The next step was to fill in the water.  The last time I used a dark purple color, and I did that this time as well, but added some blue in as well after the purple had some time to dry.


Next came the fun part of adding leaves and flowers to the painting.  At this point, it’s hard to know when to just stop and leave it be.

After defining the bridge more and adding what seemed to be enough flowers, especially when it started getting dark out, the below is the finished product!  To show how much of a difference it is when you actually go through all steps of the painting, I took a picture of the bigger picture with the smaller one.

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