Flowers in a Teapot Painting

On this somewhat chilly, close to Fall day (and windy at times) I decided to paint over a previous flower painting to do another one that actually turned out a bit better.


To paint the background I used a bigger brush and titanium white mixed with a tad of ivory black.

Next, the book instructed a sketch of the flowers and teacup with saucer… when trying to use a pencil, that didn’t work so well – thinking investing in some charcoal may be in the near future!  I then took ivory black and sketched what I could.  Afterwards, it was time to start filling in the leaves and flowers. Using any type of red and yellow is what I did below… and if you look close enough, the ivory black definitely shows through… which is another reason why some charcoal would probably be a good investment! 🙂

After this, it was a matter of adding more details to the painting.  For this one, paying attention till the very end is what I did.


The painting had a few extras that were added to it and I realized afterwards they kinda looked like hearts in a way.


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