Monet’s Bridge Painting

This painting took a bit of time but was fun.  As with the owl painting, I didn’t quite finish going through all final details that were listed in the book.

I didn’t take a picture of sectioning out the canvas – that is the first step.  I divided out 8 different sections and was amazed at how much easier it was to outline the rest of the painting.

After sectioning off the canvas, I then started painting in the background.  (Initially I was also supposed to start with a pre-painted background on the canvas but I just started with white).  I then outlined where the water was supposed to be, with a dark purple color.

Next came the bridge and flowers – this was something I actually enjoyed doing, especially since the bridge turned out better than expected!

It was then time to add in details.  I threw in some extra colors that the book didn’t mention.

After filling in the black space with more leaves, I didn’t even think to turn the page in the book… called it good and decided which painting to start on next. 🙂


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