Owl Painting

The book I had mentioned in the other post is where this next painting came from.  It is a wonderful painting to buy for a kids’ room or the person who loves collecting owl decorations.

I did this on an 8 x 10 poster frame.  I first started sitting behind the fruit trees on our property and then within time realized that the traffic was getting to be a bit much… especially when someone honked – not at me but at a deer.

I first started with an outline of the owl; the background with wings and top of owl; rest of owls’ body.  As with any painting, I learn something new each time.  As time goes on, the type of brush makes a huge difference.

Next, I started adding more details to the owl.

After adding the details and moving locations of where to paint, I called it quits.  If anyone is interested in this painting please let me know – it is for sale on eBay currently for $15 including shipping.


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