The Love Bird Tree Painting

As we are in a new place in Michigan, almost at the tip of the thumb, and out in the country, I took this beautiful day as a time to paint, especially since I haven’t in a while.

The book that I am getting these paintings from is amazing… is a great way to learn, and get better at painting.  Especially since it is relaxing!

First, I sketched out with a pencil the drawing:


Next, the instructions were to paint in the blue sky, around the objects I had drew in the tree, and then around the bird and flowers below.

Then came the filling in of the bottom and starting to fill in the bird and flowers.

I learned that using the brush in a certain way creates the leaves pretty easily!

This painting only took a few hours, so it wasn’t too bad at all.

Even from behind the painting it looks pretty cool 🙂


Here is the page from the book of the painting I tried to mimic:



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