The Peacock Painting

The other day it was really nice out, so I decided to paint out by the pond.  Minus the wind and bugs, it wasn’t too bad.  One day, I will have the ability to paint my surroundings and have them turn out a lot better than what the one was going to look like with a bunch of clouds in the sky and a small island in the middle of the pond.  I have less than 10,000 hours left to become an expert… slowly but surely I am getting there!

To start, I mixed a little bit of blue and white together to paint the background (to cover what I had tried to paint before).  This is the painting where I tried Busch Light for the first time… not too bad. 🙂


In the Painting Party book I had bought off of Amazon, it suggested to sketch a peacock.  Since I was impatient, I took a brush and put blue on it… then I sketched out a peacock that way.  With the wind blowing, it was a bit challenging.

Next comes the fun part with adding some details to the sketch and also some color.

… and the final result!


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