Butterfly Painting

Some time has went by since I’ve posted about a painting.  Amazon has a book for painting parties and provides images to paint for beginners, using acrylic paints.


The painting I chose to do first is of butterflies – they suggested to use stencils, but when you really want to paint… and you don’t have stencils, it is best to just wing it.  I started by painting gesso on a small canvas, took a pencil and drew an outline of butterflies, and then painted the background around them.

Then it came time to color in the butterflies.

While painting the butterflies, and trying to follow along with the book, I kept hearing Bob Ross in the back of my head say that these are my butterflies to paint… so it became a bit easier to do my own thing.

The butterflies then started coming together…

Most was done while drinking Smoking Loon Chardonnay – if you are a fan of Chardonnay’s I would recommend trying it out. 🙂


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