The Pier Sunset Painting

Do you ever get that yearning to learn more about a particular subject that you are excited about?  That’s how I feel about painting right now and why it’s such a great learning experience going to these painting classes at Painting with a Twist.  There is a new skill you end up learning each time you go.

This scene is a bit different and with the reflections on the water, I was curious to know how they did those… especially after watching Bob Ross.

Friends/Coworkers joined this session and it was a lot of fun for sure!  Summer Shandy was my choice of drink for tonight’s painting!

As the class begins, we are instructed to paint white from a little under the center all the way up.  A bit hard to do on white canvas, but doable! 🙂  We then go on to paint the sky.

When the instructor comes by to strongly encourage you to stop painting… do it.  As you start to enjoy painting more and more, you’ll notice that it can be difficult to stop at times.  Having that other person to tell you to not improve it any more is a blessing. 🙂

We then go on to do the reflection of the yellow sky on the water.

Getting the yellow sky to blend in with the water was a bit difficult… but as you let the paint dry, just add white/yellow to that and it’ll all blend in!

Now… time to add the boats!


What is awesome about these classes, is they do everything in steps… and make it easy for you to create your work of art… and with great friends around… it makes it that much more enjoyable!

Next, it is time to add the thin lines!


This part was fun – learning a new technique on how to get those thin lines was nice… especially since they encouraged you to practice on the paper on the table first. 🙂

The final addition to the painting is the detail on the boats…


Thank you McKinley, Sara, Chris and Maddie for joining in on this fun experience!


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  1. Sara Morrow says:

    It was so much fun! We’ll definitely have to do it again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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