The Night of Misc. Paintings

Having ‘Painters block’ where you can’t decide what to paint sucks.  There are so many options, but as you are trying to learn the techniques and really don’t feel like reading, you come to a road block… or at least I did tonight.

Over the weekend I tried to follow along with a video on You Tube that showed how to paint coffee cups – the background was pretty cool!  If you are like me and have a hard time with objects, you may end up starting over.  Don’t lose hope though.  As I am slowly getting into painting and enjoying it more and more, as with anything, the more you practice, the better you become.

Tonight started out with trying out oil paints like Bob Ross uses and a canvas (that is NOT covered with liquid white).  That is definitely the secret because I didn’t get very far in mine… and I also learned that when he says ‘beat the devil’ out of that brush… he really means it.  You have to in order to get all the oily paint out of it.  Oops!  So this is definitely a type of paint you don’t want to use in your apartment where nothing is covered… luckily that did not happen with me, but I can only imagine if it had.


Where you see the smudge marks on the white.. those are from me trying to get the paint off of my fingers to see if the paint has dried yet or not.

After the above happened and realizing that I would not be able to do anything until the paint actually dried… I started on a new painting… on a different canvas.

If you look close enough in the second to last picture, there is an outline of some mountains I was about to include… first it was a volcano, and then the big decision to add more paint was determined.  In turn, that created a very wet background, so now I am having to wait for that to dry before adding more palm tree leaves.  To be continued!

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