First Bob Ross Painting

While growing up, we didn’t have cable… we had basic TV and Gumby was one of my favorite shows… as well as watching Bob Ross paint.  Even though I don’t remember all of the details, watching the painting come to life was pretty amazing.  As you are painting, listening to music is nice – however, if you are listening to a soothing voice and hearing ‘there are no mistakes… only happy accidents’, it is pretty relaxing!

When you have one of those days after work and want to just relax and not do anything else… think about turning on one of Bob Ross’s episodes that you can watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  On Netflix you can watch the earlier seasons and on Amazon Prime they have the later seasons.

Before watching this episode, I would just watch without painting… the first time is different – especially if you haven’t painted while watching a show before.  The checklist I had for this was different than wearing comfortable clothes and laying on the couch…

  • Favorite drink of the night (Michelob Ultra)
  • Glass of water to stay hydrated while drinking
  • Paint
  • Cup of water (to dip the paint brushes in… NOT to drink)
  • Brushes
  • Towel
  • Easel
  • Canvas

For those of you that have watched Bob Ross paint, they will show the paints used across the screen at the beginning.  Be prepared to rewind several times to make sure you have all of them!  The more episodes I watch, the more I realize he uses some of the same colors (at least after only watching about 5 different shows recently).

Time to paint!  As you may have noticed, Bob Ross uses oil paint… I used acrylic because that is what I had at the time.


The show is paused as I take pictures throughout the painting… ‘happy trees’ have been created!

When painting along with a show, you have to be sure to pay attention… otherwise you may find yourself rewinding (once again), like I had to do.

When it comes time to add the reflection in the water… it’s easier than you think… and fun!  This was the first rendition of the painting… I realized after I had taken this that the sky was not all blended together… and i wanted to make the trees more fuller… and make other improvements – because this is my painting and I can do what I want in that world. 🙂


After making some adjustments and fixing the sky… the below is the final product.  Even though you may not have oil paints or a paint knife… you can still follow along.  Have fun.  Relax!  It’s definitely worth it… because you have a pretty awesome painting to show off afterwards!




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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Morrow says:

    I do a different kind of painting (chairs and stools and tables) but you’re right. So relaxing. I would just plop down in the floor in the living room and work while watching tv.
    You’re doing an awesome job! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ang's Angle says:

      Thanks Sara! I’m sure the work you do on the chairs, stools and tables is awesome too!! 🙂


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