The Beach Painting

Since the wine walk painting of the atrocious wine glass that I ended up trashing in the end, I took a few years off from that activity.

A group of really good friends and I decided to schedule a girls night out at Painting With a Twist nearby.  All I could think about was hoping they had stencils… and I quickly learned that they did not… however, I had great company and the wine I wanted to drink. 🙂  This painting is called ‘Skinny Dipping with Janessa’.

We started by painting the background – simple enough!


We are having a lot of fun at this point… any time we need more paint, we say ‘ca-CAH!’

Now to paint the water…


As I’m feeling more and more confident about this experience, it’s starting to come back to me on why I love to paint so much… especially with great friends.

The painting started coming together and at the end I did try to add in the swim trunks and bikini top… however, when that didn’t come together how I wanted, the sand was quickly brushed back to normal. 🙂



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