Spring Flower Painting!

As I currently live in the city, and after the beach painting had been done, I decided to see where the other Painting With a Twist locations were at.  About a 5 minute walk from my place, there was one I had found that just opened late 2016.  After talking with some friends, we decided to go ahead and register for this painting event.

This location offered a full bar, which was pretty awesome.  Even though I had brought wine, it was shared among my friends and then we did end up getting one more glass during a break.  The game we played while waiting for our paintings to dry before moving to the next step was pretty interesting.  We took a paper plate and were instructed to put it on top of our heads.  With one hand holding the plate in place, we were told to use a pencil and draw some grass… then a unicorn and last some diamonds… and we could add whatever else to it.

I was so wrapped up into this painting that I didn’t take photos to show the stages of the progress, like I had done with the beach one.

After the painting was all done, we were told to take a brush and dip it into white paint and then ‘sprinkle’ the paint so that it looked like snow – that was an interesting technique I hadn’t done before… a bit messy, but fun!

Want this painting?  Buy now for $55!  That covers the cost of shipping as well.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Morrow says:

    I wanna see the unicorn picture too LOL


    1. Ang's Angle says:

      Haha! That went in the trash lol. I’ll be sure to save the next one!


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