First Time Painting

A lot happened in 2015 and one of the experiences I had was going to a paint and drink event with my best friend.  This took place at a winery and I had no idea what to expect other than drink wine.


This is my best friend and me before the painting started.  Once it was time to actually get situated in our seat, I believe we were already about finished with the first bottle.


Now comes the fun time to paint… we got up from our seats and chose the paints we wanted to use.  We were also given stencils to use, which I thought would be pretty simple… no messing up this painting!

The above picture shows the stencil marks we drew… if you can barely see them, look a bit harder – they are there.  The picture to the right is of my best friend holding the stencils she is going to use.

This is how intense we get when painting… and drinking.  By this time we are definitely on our second bottle and have gotten some food in us.


At the end, the above is how the painting turned out… I know exactly where I had definitely enough wine… can you determine where that is at?

Overall this was a great experience – especially in Southern Illinois.  If you ever get a chance to attend this type of relaxing event, I would highly recommend it… and no matter if your favorite drink is water, sports drink, soda, or even wine – grab it! 🙂

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